About ϲʹ

Fueled by a higher calling, we provide a transformational learning experience that prepares students for servant leadership and equips them with skills and habits to make a difference in the lives of others.

Founded in1887
An inclusive Christian University
Approximately5,100 students

Leading with Purpose

"Here at ϲʹ we foster that environment where . . . you have to give it your best shot and take a risk to get out there and make the change or be the change that you want to be."

Trevor Hartley


Our location across four campuses and online makes us a place of opportunities.

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Map of ϲʹ Campuses in North Carolina

The ϲʹ Brand

Instructor with Students

The sense of Belonging and Community is a vital part of the ϲʹ culture. We seek to be a place of learning, unity and Christian community.  

Students are encouraged to identify their unique gifts and interests while developing proficiency and knowledge in their chosen professions.  

In the classroom, lab, studio and field, ϲʹ opens doors for students to gain hands-on experience and insight into academic, social, professional and spiritual growth.

Our knowledgeable and appropriate faculty create exceptional learning environments for students to explore career and research opportunities.

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Leading from the start

Then a 25-year-old Baptist minister, J.A. ϲʹ founded ϲʹ in 1887 when there were no other schools in the area. We continue his vision today to serve our community and to prepare students to lead with purpose.

Our history
image of ϲʹ President Dr. Creed with students

Meet our 5th president

Dr. J. Bradley Creed

  • President since 2015
  • Ph.D.  in Religion
President's Office